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Cute Twink Forced to Cum During Hot & Cold Torture

House doms Adam Watson and Seb love torturing cute twinks so they jumped at the opportunity to put poor twink Aaron Aurora through their hot and cold hell. Aaron is tightly bound to a cross and helpless to fight back as he endures a hot wax treatment all over his body from Adam while Seb uses freezing cold ice to cool him down. All the while stroking and teasing his cock. When they finally decide the poor boy has enough, the twink is forced to cum his load until he is milked dry. Check out the preview video above and visit Boynapped for more.


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Here’s another hot cum control story from! A straight boy wakes up in a mysterious dengeon and endures intense cum control and time ass play while bound to a wall in a ingenious set up that leaves his vulnerable cock and balls in a seperate room from his body and leaves him completely vulnerable to two kinky fucks intent on teasing the hell out of him from the other side. Continue reading “Hot Cum Control Story: The Wall” »

Str8 Thug is usually the one giving out the abuse but in this video he finds him strapped down the his bed and at the mercy of his slave. He orders his gay slave but let him go but his resistance is futile. Faggot Pig Slave takes full advantage of his master’s vulnerable position and spends an hour slowing sucking and stroking out a load of his master’s cum. Check out this hot video playing now at our video theater.


Straight Cop Overpowered Bound & Edged

You’ve got to check out this hot new video from Men on Edge. Straight boy Chris Tyler plays an abusive cop who gets the tables turned on him. He should have known something was up when he saw that his prisoner was Master Van. Van overpowers the straight cop, ties him him up and proceeds to edge his cock. And what a gorgeous uncut cock it is. With massive boys. HOT!! The cop is bound in several different positions as his “prisoner” slowly teases his uncut cock and penetrates his hairy ass. This one hot video that shouldn’t be missed. Men on Edge keeps getting better and better! Check out the preview video above and visit Men on Edge for more.


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Milked by a Machine. An interesting way to extract a load…..